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Honorable Mentions and Shout-outs, from The Year's Best Science Fiction, ed. Gardner Dozois - oldcharliebrown [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Honorable Mentions and Shout-outs, from The Year's Best Science Fiction, ed. Gardner Dozois [Jul. 14th, 2008|02:50 pm]
Fantasy Magazine
Honorable Mentions
Kail, Andrea, "Soft, like a Rabbit"
Kemnitzer, Lucy, "The Boulder"
McAllister, Bruce, "His Wife"
Parks, Richard, "A Garden in Hell"
Tidhar, Lavie, "Elsbeth Rose"
Youmans, Marly, "The Comb"

"Two brand-new e-zines, just transitioning in from their former incarnations as print magazine, Subterranean and Fantasy Magazine, have already shouldered their way into the ranks of the most prominent fiction e-zines on the internet . . . Fantasy Magazine, edited by Sean Wallace and Cat Rambo, which concentrates more on fantasy than horror, although there's an occasional scary piece, produced good work by Bruce McAllister, Andrea Kail, Lucy Kemnitzer, Richard Parks, and others."

Clarkesworld Magazine
Honorable Mentions
Bear, Elizabeth, "Orm the Beautiful"
De Vries, Jetse, "Qubit Conflicts"
Ericson, MP, "Lost Soul"
Kiernan, Caitlin R, "The Ape's Wife"
Lake, Jay, "Chewing Up the Innocent"
Malcolm-Clarke, Darja, "The Beacon"
Mantchev, Lisa, "A Dance Across Embers"
Ore, Rebecca, "Acid and Stoned Reindeer"
Phillips, Holly, "The Oracle Spoke"
Rambo, Cat, "I'll Gnaw Your Bones, the Manticore Said"
Satifka, Erica, "Automatic"
Scholes, Ken, "Summer in Paris, Light from the Sky"
VanderMeer, Jeff, "The Third Bear"
"Stylishly written and usually faintly perverse fantasy is also available at Clarkesworld, edited by Nick Mamatas [and Sean Wallace], which this year published strong stories by Caitlin R. Kiernan, Elizabeth Bear, Jay Lake, Jeff VanderMeer, Ken Scholes, Jetse De Vries, Cat Rambo, and others."

Weird Tales
Honorable Mentions
Amundsen, Erik, "Bufo Rex"
Creasey, Ian, "Strawberry Thief"
Lake, Jay, "Tom Edison and His Telegraphic Harpoon"
Parks, Richard, "The Man Who Carved Skulls"

"The venerable Weird Tales, coming up on its 85th anniversary, managed to survive the Great Extinction over at DNA Publications, being bought in 2006 by Wildside Press. This year, the magazine underwent a sweeping reorganisation, with Ann VanderMeer coming in as the new fiction editor. The slogan of the new Weird Tales is not "This is not your father's Weird Tales," but maybe it should be, as the aim of the magazine seems to become noticeably hippier, cooler, and more au courant than its somewhat stodgy previous incarnation. Whether this will go over with the audience or not remains to be seen, but there was good stuff in the magazine this year by Ian Creasey, Richard Parks, Jay Lake, and others."

[User Picture]From: jmward14
2008-07-14 09:08 pm (UTC)
Molto congratulations on all the well-deserved honors. I'd suggest patting yourself on the back, but a) it's a difficult maneuver and b) you've probably got too much to do prepping the next round of wonderful stories and books. Sending a round of cyber-champagne notwithstanding.
On another subject, forgive me for asking an off-topic question here (and feel free to edit the post to the last paragraph) but I've been having trouble with my email accounts, so I'm not sure you ever received correspondence emailed over the last month. But has the item you've been prepping for a Labor Day release received an ISBN yet? Sorry to be so obscure, but I haven't seen a public announcement of the project, and I don't want to spoil your scoop. On the other hand, I've got several signings coming up in September and the booksellers are pressing me for ISBNs now. The phrase "nibbled to death by ducks" seems very apropos. LOL
Cheers and confetti on all the honors,
Jean Marie
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[User Picture]From: ericmarin
2008-07-16 02:43 am (UTC)
Congratulations to everyone involved!
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