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Acquisition: Shelf Life, edited by Greg Ketter [May. 30th, 2012|08:15 am]
Shelf Life: Fantastic Stories Celebrating Bookstores edited by Greg Ketter sold to Sean Wallace at Prime Books, for a September 2012 release. A trade paperback edition of the previously hardcover anthology, Shelf Life features an introduction by Neil Gaiman and stories by P.D. Cacek, Ramsey Campbell, Harlan Ellison, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Charles de Lint, Lisa Morton, Melanie Tem, Jack Williamson, Gene Wolfe, and others.

[User Picture]From: samthereaderman
2012-05-31 01:56 am (UTC)


Alas, it appears the bookstore is rapidly obtaining the same mythical status as the subjects of other anthologies - dragons, unicorns, aliens, etc.
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