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Press Release: Weird Tales and Staff Changes

Jan. 16, 2007


Wildside Press Reorganizes Weird Tales

In December 2006, Wildside Press publisher John Betancourt announced a reorganization at Weird Tales. Designed to strengthen and modernize the classic fantasy magazine, the changes include a new editor, a new interior design, and a new logo.

These changes continue the gradual evolution begun when Wildside purchased Weird Tales in late 2005 from DNA Publications, after a year which had seen the venerable magazine's circulation declining. Betancourt, who had previously relaunched Weird Tales in 1988 with current editors George Scithers and Darrell Schweitzer, brokered the deal and rejoined the editorial team.

In 2006, Weird Tales' circulation began once again to increase substantially, as a regular publication schedule, a significantly larger page count, and the return of featured-author issues helped to spark new interest in the world's original fantasy magazine. A more immediately obvious milestone will occur with the debut of a new logo on the cover of issue #344 in mid-2007 — the magazine's first new flag in almost  75 years.

With these improvements well underway, publisher Betancourt and general manager Stephen H. Segal agreed it was time to explore further avenues for bringing the 83-year-old Weird Tales up to its full potential in the 21st century. "Our goal is to make Weird Tales the most dynamic fantasy magazine in the field," said Betancourt. "And clearly changes were needed to excite our audiences — both current and potential. We took a long look at the last year of Weird Tales — what worked, what didn't  and decided to shake things up completely."

As a result, all three of the current co-editors will step away from story selection and into more specific roles, and Wildside will bring a new fiction editor on board in 2007.

Darrell Schweitzer will once again be regularly writing nonfiction for Weird Tales, including a new movie review column and in-depth interviews with a wide spectrum of  genre authors and artists.

George Scithers is being promoted to Editor Emeritus and will continue on the Weird Tales staff in an advisory capacity. He will also select original fiction for the weirdtalesmagazine.com web site. His duties as editor of Wildside Press's forthcoming Cat Tales remain unchanged.

John Betancourt will continue to oversee the magazine group as publisher, though his focus remains on Wildside Press's core business, its book publishing operations. Stephen H. Segal will handle day-to-day operations of Wildside's magazines as general manager and creative director.

"We've begun the interview process for the new fiction editor," said Betancourt. "Although the final selection hasn't been made yet, we have several strong candidates to choose from. Whoever is picked will be someone who can continue to build on the grand tradition of The Unique Magazine."

For further details about Weird Tales, contact general manager Stephen H. Segal or publisher John Betancourt at 301-762-1305.

Wildside Press LLC, based in Rockville, Md., is the publisher of four book imprints (Prime Books, Juno Books, Wildside Books, and Point Blank Books) and four ongoing magazines (Weird Tales, H.P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror, Fantasy Magazine, and Adventure Tales). Recent genre recognition has included a 2006 World Fantasy Award for Prime Books editor Sean Wallace and the 2006 Sunburst Award for the short-story collection "In the Palace of Repose" by Holly Phillips. More information is available at the Wildside Press website:

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