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Final Table of Contents: Fantasy (sampler)

"Goosegirl," by Margaret Ronald, 3200 words
"Zombie Lenin," by Ekaterina Sedia, 3200 words
"Sugar, by Cat Rambo, 3600 words
"Bone Mother," by Maura McHugh, 3800 words
"The Salvation Game," by Amanda Downum, 4300 words
"Brother of the Moon," by Holly Phillips, 5000 words
"The Greats Come A-Callin', by Lisa Mantchev, 5400 words
"Somewhere Beneath Those Waves Was Her Home," by Sarah Monette, 5300 words
"Shallot," by Samantha Henderson, 2180 words
"All the Growing Time," Becca De La Rosa, 2500 words
"The Yeti Behind You," Jeremiah Tolbert, 3100 words


New Update:
We're pretty much done with the line-up, folks. It now needs an introduction, copyediting, an ordered sequence, and then that's all she wrote. We'll probably be doing review copies late February, with an eye to having this puppy in our hands for Wiscon, and then Readercon. I'll take suggestions on how to push this, certainly. In a year of excellent original anthologies, it's going to take a lot to make ours stand-out . . . let's lock and load :-)

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