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Table of Contents: Jabberwocky 3, ed. Sean Wallace - oldcharliebrown [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Table of Contents: Jabberwocky 3, ed. Sean Wallace [Oct. 29th, 2007|12:28 pm]
Short Fiction
"The Forgotten Tastes of Chocolate and Joy," by Jennifer Rachel Baumer
"Little Red," by Alison Campbell-Wise
"This Reflection Of Me," by C. L. Hellison
"The Morphology of Snow," by Lynne Jamneck
"On a Day That Has No Name," by Karina Sumner-Smith
"Going Among Mad People," by E. Catherine Tobler

"Tanguy’s Pebble," by Mike Allen
"The Woman of Seven Stars Goes Hunting," by Sara Amis
"Summer of Smoke," by Erik Amundsen
"Kore," by Erik Amundsen
"Revisionist History: A Fairy Tale," by Jennifer Crow
"Marching Song," by Jeannelle Ferrierra
"Said the Tree to the Axe (Man)," by Nin Harris
"Lady of the Lake," by Elise Mattheson
"Tattoo Destiny," by Maura McHugh
"Braggadocio," by Mia Nutick
"The King of Hell’s Daughter," by Shirl Sazynski
"The Waters Where Once We Lay," by John Benson and Sonya Taaffe
"The Wedding in Hell," by Sonya Taaffe
"Crow," by Catherynne Valente
"Confessions of the Man Who Sired a Hedgehog," by Joselle VanderHooft
"Shapeshifter," by Jessica Wick
"The Harlot's House," by Oscar Wilde
"Under the Influence," by Erzebet YellowBoy

[User Picture]From: upstart_crow
2007-10-31 06:11 am (UTC)
*so happy to be part of J3!*
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