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December 8th, 2004

Jabberwocky: And Mimsy Were the Borogroves . . . [Dec. 8th, 2004|03:54 am]
The word is spreading: I’ve been told that people are already talking about Jabberwocky, in the sense of asking for a definitional premise for the project; well, the elements and bedrock of Jabberwocky can be largely described as the –ical approach: lyrical, whimsical, mythical, in all its forms, particularly short fiction, poetry, and illustrative. There are no boundaries, no restrictions, no genres. If you love the art of the written word, its structure, its flow, its language, I suspect you’ll love Jabberwocky.

I’m certainly excited by this project, particularly with the short fiction and poetry from Holly Phillips, Ainsley Dicks, Simon Logan, Vera Nazarian, Sarah Koplik, Shirl Saznyski, Jeannelle Ferreira, Anna Tambour, Catherynne M. Valente, Sonya Taaffe, Ann Schwader, and many more (with commitments by half a dozen others). It’ll be released on an unsuspecting public around Readercon (in July) in a first printing of five hundred, a trim size of five x seven, and sell at retail for about ten dollars. (I may introduce a limited run of a hardcover edition around this period). Subscriptions for two issues may start at fifteen dollars.

More details once I fully recover from the Christmas maddening rush . . .
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