September 24th, 2009

News: The Long-Lost and Forgotten Fantasy Magazine 7

Originally the print edition of this was supposed to come out in 2007, but due to unforeseen circumstances, and between moving the magazine online, then the acquisition of Fantasy Magazine, earlier this year, delayed it further. Over time I've posted some of the stories, to the online venue, promoting the seventh issue, which was forthcoming. Well, rather than drag my heels further on this matter, starting this week I'm going to be posting, online, the rest of what was supposed to be in Fantasy Magazine 7, over the next two months, leading up to World Fantasy:

The Annie Oakley Show,” Ari Goelman (posted)
The Queen of Hearts,” Daniel Homan, 5700 words (posted)
Tending the Mori Birds,” Caroline M. Yoachim, 2000 words (posted)
“Undocumented,” Rachel Swirsky
The Comb,” Marly Youmans, 7800 words (posted)
“Into the Monsoon,” Afifah Myra Muffaz
“The Confessions of Prince Charming,” Kelly Barnhill
“In Dreams Tangible,” Su-Yee Lin
“The White Part of the Apple,” Emily Tersoff
“La Mer,” Simon Logan

I've already posted the first story, "Tending the Mori Birds" by Caroline M. Yoachim, as of this morning, and over the next few weeks I hope to continue posting stories every Thursday until we've gone through the entire inventory.