October 22nd, 2009

Online Genre Magazines: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

"For writers, online genre magazines are not only a great way to build readership and name recognition, they also tend to be more accessible than many print magazines, with most accepting electronic submissions, featuring rapid acceptance to publication turn-around times, and a willingness to work with new writers. However, all online magazines are not equal in the exposure they bring to a writer's story.

While several top online magazines rival or surpass Analog and Asimov's in readership and "look," many others have poor design, non-existent editorial work, and a very limited readership. . . . when writers ponder submitting to online magazines, they should consider . . . "

A Word to the Wise, to Authors

Never second-guess yourself or your submissions. Leave it to the editor to make a judgement call. 
Your job is just to write the best story possible, and then to send it off (to the proper market, mind you).
By basically handicapping yourself by putting up roadblocks, like assuming a market isn't right,
or that the editors hate your work, or that the competition for slots is simply too high,
you're doing the worst possible thing, to your work and yourself.

Every time you do this a kitten dies somewhere in the world.

Press Release: Support Capclave By Buying a Book (or Two!)

Press Release: Support Capclave By Buying a Book (or Two!)
October 20, 2009

In an effort to clear out inventory to make room for planned future releases, and to scare up monies to further support Capclave,
our annual convention for future years, WSFA Press has decided to offer a number of our past and current releases on our website, wsfapress.com, and on Amazon, with the following quantities:

The Edge of Things, by Lewis Shiner, signed hardcover, 75 copies
Home by the Sea, by Pat Cadigan, slipcased/signed hardcover, 50 copies
Future Washington, edited by Ernest Lilley, trade pb, 200 copies
Future Washington, edited by Ernest Lilley, trade hardcover, 40 copies
Reincarnations, by Harry Turtledove, signed hardcover, 100 copies
Reincarnations, by Harry Turtledove, trade hardcover, 500 copies
And for a limited time, WSFA will be offering special sets, representing a slice of WSFA Press history,
comprised of five hardcovers, for just $100: The Edge of Things, Through Darkest Resnick with Gun and Camera,
Home by the Sea, Future Washington
, and Reincarnations.

By the end of the year, however, there will most likely be nothing left, due to the limited quantities, so first-come first-served. Please note that dealer discounts are available. Please contact Gayle Surrette with any questions or orders, at webmaster@wsfapressbooks.org.