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June 2011
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05:08 am: Ebooks: Lightspeed Magazine
08:40 am: Review: Mechanique, Genevieve Valentine, by The New York Times
09:27 pm: Cordelia After A Hard Day Working in Daddy's Office
09:30 pm: Cordelia Encouraging You to Buy Books
09:48 pm: The Second Coming
09:38 am: Mockup: Lightspeed, Year One, ed. John Joseph Adams
09:49 am: Starred PW Review: Heart of Iron, Ekaterina Sedia - 2 comments
07:49 am: Cover Mockup: Death and Resurrection, R.A. MacAvoy - 2 comments
02:14 pm: Mockup: Winning Mars, Jason Stoddard
02:15 pm: Mockup: Lightspeed Magazine, July 2011
02:17 pm: Mockup: Fantasy Magazine, July 2011
02:18 pm: Mockup: Somewhere Beneath Those Waves, Sarah Monette - 8 comments
02:27 pm: Final Design: Mayan December, Brenda Cooper
02:28 pm: Final Design: The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror, 2011 Edition
02:38 pm: Teaser: The Mammoth Book of Steampunk, ed. Sean Wallace
03:10 pm: Cordelia Crawling
03:14 pm: Cordelia Discovering the Joys of Jumping
01:10 pm: Fantasy Magazine / Lightspeed Magazine Subscription Drive
11:02 am: Dressed for Wicked (Musical)
01:38 pm: TOC: The Mammoth Book of Steampunk, ed Sean Wallace
07:26 pm: I Heart Stross