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March 1st, 2012

Review: "Scattered Along the River of Heaven" by Aliette De Bodard [Mar. 1st, 2012|07:01 am]
"The January issue of the online magazine Clarkesworld also contains one of the best stories of the year to date, ‘‘Scattered Along the River of Heaven’’ by  Aliette de Bodard. This is the story of a rebellion against a totalitarian interstellar empire and its complicated and contradictory aftermath, told alternately from the points of view of the rebel who engineered the revolution and her granddaughter, who returns for her funeral after the revolution is won and the rebel has been sent into exile by rival political factions among the victors. This is a politically and psychological subtle story, quite intense, and bleakly lyrical in places—it reminds me of Ursula K. Le Guin’s ‘‘The Day After the Revolution’’, a high compliment, but de Bodard puts a cultural spin all her own on it."—Locus.
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