oldcharliebrown (oldcharliebrown) wrote,

The Issue of Quotas, and Fantasy Magazine

I'm going to put this to rest, as it's cropped up here and there: We actually don't have quotas, at Fantasy Magazine. However, we are aware of gender imbalances (and of our target market), and so we make efforts, particularly outreach, to make certain that we get representative submissions. That means everything from emailing, chatting, begging, networking, as much as possible. Don't confuse that for quotas, though, and over the length of running the magazine, the percentages of female authors, along with international submissions, have gone up, making it easier and easier to provide a product that speaks to our market. However, people do have to be patient, and in the history of science fiction / fantasy magazines this has always been the case, that editorial focus / approach takes time to come together. It's not always the first issue, or even the fourth, but eventually you do hit your stride.

Bottom line: you don't need quotas to craft a magazine, whether new or established. But outreach may be a great idea forward :p
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