oldcharliebrown (oldcharliebrown) wrote,

The Issue of Quotas, and Lightspeed Magazine

As a follow-up to the previous post regarding quotas at Fantasy Magazine, I'd also like to point that we don't have quotas at Lightspeed Magazine. But we are going to do our damnest to outreach, as I don't think a general science fiction magazine shouldn't appeal to a broad audience, and that includes to both men and women. And while I may think it will take some time, perhaps six months after the magazine launch, I'd be reasonably happy if we hit 30% to 35% . . . as a start. I think it's indeed possible, so here it is in a nutshell, if you know someone that should be submitting to Lightspeed Magazine, encourage them, with our blessings. The slush is what we make of it, and we have only ourselves to blame if it's not representative of our target markets, our readers.
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