oldcharliebrown (oldcharliebrown) wrote,

The Dragon and the Stars anthology Cover

This was first discussed here.

As pointed out, no, the decision to include the editors' own stories is usually up to their own discretion, not the publisher,
who doesn't care what is delivered from Tekno. Though the inclusion of both editors is a bit over the top. This is actually not standard for most Tekno anthologies, at least within recent years. Out of the eleven Tekno anthologies from last year, and the six so far scheduled for this year, only two editors decided to go this route, Dragon and the Stars and Cthluhu's Reign.

I also think people are overthinking how much time goes into a cover like this . . .  if you type in dragon at fotolia.com, you can see where the original art came from. Most of the Tekno anthologies are done like this, and some of my own releases are also done this way. Though you could also search for Chinese dragon and find some matches. Either way, I would guess that the budget for art for the DAW anthologies is practically nonexistent, so this isn't that much of a surprise.
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