oldcharliebrown (oldcharliebrown) wrote,

Repost: "So You Want To Start a Magazine" By Mary Anne Mohanraj

I found this article of great interest many years ago, and still occasionally send wannabe publishers there. Pretty much everything is still true, and a professional (online) magazine will still knock you back at least ten thousand dollars these days. (Or over a hundred thousand). You can do it much cheaper, of course, maybe closer to four thousand dollars, if you pay three cents a word, and keep everything else relatively trim, and run it monthly, with about four stories a month, or forty-eight stories a year. Or even bimonthly, which would translate to twenty-four hundred dollars, and twenty-five stories. Or quarterly, at sixteen-hundred dollars, and sixteen stories.

As an aside, it'd be nice to see some more other categories represented online, particularly horror.

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