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The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror – Call For Submissions

“As the editor of the new anthology series The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror (Prime Books) I am now reading for the 2011 edition, which will include material published in 2010,” reports Paula Guran.

“I am looking for stories of dark fantasy—they might be simply unsettling or perhaps eerie. Dark fantasy can be revelatory or baffling. It can be simply a story or a small glimpse of life seen “through a glass, darkly.” Or, in more literary terms (all of which are debatable) it might be any number of things: weird fiction (new or old), supernatural fiction, magical realism, surrealism, the fantastique, or the ever-ambiguous horror fiction (which need not have a supernatural element but can crossover into other genres).

You can get an idea of what Guran is looking for from the first volume of the series (which will be available in October.) A list of the contents can be found here: Juno Books

This is a reprint anthology so she’s only reading material published during the calendar year of 2010.

Publishers: I prefer email submissions of PDFs rather than hard copies if available. It saves you the postage and I can keep track of things better this way. If you must send galleys, magazines, or books, see the address below. If your publication appears on the Web only, please make me aware of it. Send to: Dark Echo

Writers: Please ask the publisher of your collection or of periodicals and/or anthologies you appear in to send me copies of their publications. Please do not send me your individual stories unless I request such from you.

Be Aware: (1) This is a new series and (2) I am not currently receiving much of anything. So, please post and/or pass this on to others.

Deadline for 2010 materials: April 1, 2011."


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