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Cover Design: Silently and Very Fast, Catherynne M. Valente [Sep. 23rd, 2011|11:10 am]

Available now for pre-order from WSFA Press or you can order it from Capclave with your membership.

We don't really expect to have many of these after Capclave, as we have dealers snapping them up . .
This is an original novella by Valente, and that it has blurbs from Mira Grant and Gardner Dozois:

"Working in the tradition of James Tiptree, Jr. and early Richard Matheson,
Catherynne M. Valente applies a subtle hand and a surgeon's wit
to the science of humanity, and the futures, great and small, we build out of our illusions."—Mira Grant

"Exotic and beautiful, this story uses evocative fantasy motifs to examine one
of science fiction's most fundamental questions:  What does it really mean to be
human?"—Gardner Dozois