oldcharliebrown (oldcharliebrown) wrote,

Reprint Recommendations: Robots: Recent AI

I'm now taking reprint recommendations for Robots: Recent AI to be published by Prime Books in early 2012:

Even before Karel Čapek coined the term "robot", the idea of mechanical people fascinated us:
almost as soon as humans have conceived of God, they wanted to play one,
to use their ingenuity to create in their own image.
While the actual robotics achievements have been stunning,
the literary robots are even more amazing in the diversity of both function and metaphor.

From Čapek's biotech machines of R.U.R. to Kuttner's Proud Robot,
to the fictional assortment of mechanical sex toys, rebels, grandmothers, servants and masters,
these machines have represented our dreams as well as our anxieties.

In this anthology are the stories that represent all the many faces of robots --
beautiful, hideous, and everything in between.

Please feel free to help us out here
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